Thurber Prize for American Humor

Awarded annually in the U.S. to the author and publisher of the outstanding book of humor writing published in the United States in the previous year.

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Book - 2017 Winner, Humor, 2018
Nominees: Patricia Lockwood
Available in some locations
Book - 2017 Nominee, Humor, 2018
Nominees: John Hodgman
Available in some locations
Would Everybody Please Stop?
Book - 2017 | First edition. Nominee, Humor, 2018
Nominees: Jenny Allen
Available in some locations
Book - 2016 | First edition. Nominee, Humor, 2017
Nominees: Ken Pisani
Available in some locations
Born A Crime
Book - 2016 | First edition. Winner, Humor, 2017
Nominees: Trevor Noah
All copies in use Availability details Holds: 5 on 40 copies
Mr. Eternity
Mr. Eternity
Mr. Eternity
Book Nominee, Humor, 2017
Nominees: Aaron Their
Between You & Me
Book - 2015 | First edition. Nominee, Humor, 2016
Nominees: Mary Norris
Available in some locations
Little Victories
Book - 2015 | First Edition. Nominee, Humor, 2016
Nominees: Jason Gay
Available in some locations
The World's Largest Man
Book - 2015 | First edition. Winner, Humor, 2016
Nominees: Harrison Scott Key
Available in some locations
Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant?
eBook - 2014 Nominee, Humor, 2015
Nominees: Roz Chast
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