RITA Award

Awarded by the Romance Writers of America for the best romance fiction of the year.
The Bachelor’s Baby Surprise
The Bachelor’s Baby Surprise
The Bachelor’s Baby Surprise
Book Winner, Contemporary Romance: Short, 2019
Nominees: Teri Wilson
The Saturday Night Supper Club
Book - 2018 Winner, Romance With Religious Or Spiritual Elements, 2019
Nominees: Carla Laureano
Available in some locations
Three-Way Split
eBook - 2018 Winner, Erotic Romance, 2019
Nominees: Elia Winters
Between the Devil and the Duke
Book - 2017 | First edition. Winner, Historical Romance: Long, 2018
Nominees: Kelly Bowen
Available in some locations
Falling Hard
eBook - 2017 Winner, Contemporary Romance: Long, 2018
Nominees: Lexi Ryan
Forbidden River
eBook - 2017 Winner, Romance Novella, 2018
Nominees: Brynn Kelly
Hunt the Darkness
Book - 2014 Winner, Paranormal Romance, 2018
Nominees: Stephanie Rowe
Available in some locations
Now That You Mention It
Book - 2017 Winner, Mainstream Fiction With A Central Romance, 2018
Nominees: Kristan Higgins
Available in some locations
Second Chance Summer
eBook - 2017 Winner, Contemporary Romance: Short, 2018
Nominees: Kait Nolan
Seize Today
Book - 2017 | First Edition. Winner, Young Adult Romance, 2018
Nominees: Pintip Dunn
Available in some locations
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