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Jan 15, 2019

Blurbs on DVD box:
-In their world, You can't find freedom. But you can steal it.
-Scary, funny, sexy and exciting - Roger Ebert. Siskel & Ebert
(Gina Gershon's follow-up to her sexy role in "Showgirls 1995" and later as the lady lead in the excellent crime comedy drama "Breathless 2012.")

Nov 27, 2018

This film's success possibly induced Hollywood to give the Wachowski brothers the opportunity to make the blockbuster "Matrix." It is a very taut and entertaining crime thriller with Joe Pantoliano playing a mobster losing track of 2 million dollars that was supposed to be in a suitcase. Nothing worse for a mobster to lose money that was supposed to be destined for the mob boss. An interesting side note is that the Wachowski brothers at different times became the Wachowski sisters, most likely the only pair of trans film directors in Hollywood.

Oct 18, 2017

This one is only for those with lots of time on their hands and nothing else to watch. Not highly recommended.

ArapahoeMarina Sep 18, 2017

Campy fun in the silliest of ways. Come for the plot, stay for the 90s nostalgia!

Sep 27, 2014

Bloody violence, awful language. Interesting story about how the mob solves problems. Surprise ending.

Apr 13, 2014

Movie - “Bound”: 4 once you get past the gratuitous - females naked having sex- the plot gets interesting. Well, also a bit much killing and bloody-violence (although I did think a bloody death amidst white paint was colorful). So it bordered on “b” movie, but I thought it skirted to “A” with the continual predicament twists of “Oh, my, now what do we/I do?” Each character having a different intent for the outcome. The acting is good, the dialog isn't terrible. OK, and the bodies are sexy.

Mar 02, 2014

The plot is classic film noir, to the point of being comic. But this time, two lesbians are the doomed (or are they?) lovers. There are a couple implausible moments to move the plot along, but you won't mind, or probably even notice until afterwards. If only the Wachowskis could do more like this, and not further CGI crap. The commentary track is a riot.

Mocha6ft3 Mar 31, 2012

This is one of my favorite movies in my collection. Although you can watch this great film on just your television, i advise you to see this movie on your HOMETHEATER!! The cast, the story, and the characters are all top notch. There's not a whole lot of sound for audio freaks, but for this film it's not required. The sex scene is off the hook!! I was completely feeling this movie. I highly recommend this movie for your collection. This film deserves 5 stars!!! Great story, good acting, and great characters makes this a classic. Spaghetti with Meat balls, parmesana cheese, and red wine.

Dec 30, 2011

Bound is one of the most amazing films you've never seen. Directed by the Matrix's Wachowski Brothers, this film is smartly written, deftly acted, and is in equal measures tense, funny, sexy, and violent. The camera work alone is fantastic... and is often a discussion point of mine when talking about creative uses of camera angles. It should be pointed out that there is a gay element to the film, so anyone not comfortable with gay folks may want to avoid it.

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