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The Land of Stories
The Land of Stories An Author's Odyssey By Colfer, Chris, 1990- Book - 2017 | First trade paperback edition.

This is my absolute favourite book in the whole Land of Stories series! It is a continuation of the first book so there are many familiar characters, as well as some new ones. I think this book’s plot is the best out of all the books in the series because there are so many details that lead up to the grand finale in the end when everything makes sense. I think this book did a good job on incorporating the mystical fairytale aspects and it also had some cliffhangers so I was very curious as to what would happen next. As with most of Chris Colfer’s books, it was a suspenseful, funny, and adventurous book. Therefore, I would recommend to anyone to give it a read! 5/5
@stardkdust07 of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

The Enchantress Returns is the second book in the Land of Stories series. The Land of Stories has been one of my favorite series for years. While I wouldn’t recommend it to teens in general, it would be good for thirteen and fourteen year olds. This book is great. It focuses more on how fairy tale characters react to new villains. That is more interesting to read about than just their happily ever afters. I still loved reading about that in the first book but this book shows you more about the fairy tale characters then the first one. I would absolutely recommend this book. 4/5 stars
@ToastieTaco of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

When the twins and their friends join worlds formed by Conner 's imagination, discovering allies that no one else could ever think of, the race begins to put an end to the reign of terror of the Masked Man. The Author's Odyssey kept me hooked until the end, it was a very good and interesting reading, the storey was beautifully written in a clear style and tone and descriptive efficiency that didn't slow down the pace. The Odyssey of the Author was original and well written. An outstanding addition to thisAn Author's Odyssey had standard tropes delivered with a smooth writing style. I recommend this book to anyone because it is a joy to read. 4/5 stars
@BullahJee of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

“An Author’s Odyssey”, Book #5 of the “Land of Stories” series, written by Chris Colfer, is where the spotlight is finally on Connor. In an attempt to save both worlds, Alex and Connor set out on a journey to recruit characters from Connor’s stories to fight against the army of the masked man. I can’t believe the turn that this story has taken. Alex and Connor have gone from being ordinary sixth graders to potential saviours of both the Land of Stories as well as Earth, and that is what I personally enjoy in this series. I love books that have twists and cliffhangers such as the ones in this series because that is what makes a story entertaining and not boring to read, which is why I would definitely recommend this series to all teens. Yes this series is quite long, but it is all worth it in the end! I give this book a 4.5 out of 5.
@Rose of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

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