The Jungle Book 2
The Jungle Book 2 DVD - 2008 | Special ed.

i LIKED jungle book 2 i think it's better than the frist one i remeber i watched this movie on t.v two times i really loved this movie but i seen it back in 2005 on t.v witch it was a longtime ago i could not wait to barrow it so i could watch it again i seen the frist one the 2ed one i remeber back in 2003 we went to mcdonnles and we got toys from junge book 2 i got the girl from jungle book 2 shanti and my brother got baloo in his happy meal i really love this movie jungle book 2 i do have a book of it too called the wonderful world of reading i really like the book. disney's the Jungle book 2 my little cousin has this movie too on DVD but it's the older dvd of it he got from the frist time when it was released they found an old copy in stores did you know PHIL COLLIN'S is in it .

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