Makers and Takers
Makers and Takers The Rise of Finance and the Fall of American Business By Foroohar, Rana Book - 2016

Comprehensive and well-written overview of how our financial system fails everyone--even the financiers who are short-termedly rakin' it in. Foroohar uses engaging case studies to analyze both bad and good practices. For example, the pervasive use of stock buybacks was considered illegal until 1982 (as market manipulation), & Goldman Sachs unwisely pissed off Coca-Cola by its manipulation of the aluminum supply. The mortgage meltdown, as always, is hard to read given taxpayers' money was used to bail out the very banks that profited--and still profit--from bad mortgages. Some readers may be put off by the book length. She winds up with an optimistic summary of what we, as citizens, can do.

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