Collusion Secret Meetings, Dirty Money, and How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win By Harding, Luke, 1968- Book - 2017

While not revealing a smoking gun, one comes away convinced that, in all likelihood, Trump did collude with Russia just so that he could win the election, and (a bit less likely) that there is some compromising material that Putin is holding over his head.

Now, if you're a Trump person, stop reading here, because I'm about to go into a rant.

I can understand very well that a lot of people are disgusted with out political system and feel left out by both Dems and Republicans, who are so busy catering to the rich and powerful.

But, at this stage, let's face reality! Trump has shown himself to be a self-centered, inept, corrupt, deceitful (and probably treasonous) buffoon with delusions of grandeur who, also favors the wealthy and influential and doesn't give a fig about the people who voted for him, but is still able to manipulate them whenever he wants.

If, after all this, some people still support him, then, indeed, they belong to the "basket of deplorables", and I have no respect for their intelligence.

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