Cemetery Road
Cemetery Road By Iles, Greg Audiobook CD - 2019 | Unabridged.

Marshall McEwan, is a Pulitzer Prize winning war correspondent and hard hitting journalist working out of Washington, D.C. on the suspected Russian rigging of the US 2016 Presidential election. He was called back to his boyhood hometown, Bienville, MS, as his father nears death and to help his mother through this trying time. Just as Marshall is settling in to the short term running his father’s newspaper, The Watchman, his mentor Buck McKibben, his Boy Scout leader and archaeologist becomes a sudden homicide victim. He had the bad fortune of making his finds in a future construction site for a paper mill with financial motivation by locals to silence him.

Throughout this story there are whirling plot twists, reconciliations, unexpected alliances, and renewed childhood friendships that may lead to romance. In other words, juicy listening from beginning to end.

The reader, Scott Brick, well communicates the highs, lows, and passion in this story. He transports the listener to the main character’s youthful reminiscences through to solving the murder of his youthful mentor…among others.

Great story of a homecoming and father’s death watch turning to a journalist’s murder investigation and comeuppance for town fathers lining their own pockets. So many instances of my thinking…Well, I didn’t see that coming…throughout every enjoyable moment of this story. Bring this story along as a summer reading companion you just can’t put down.

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