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Ebstar made a comment Jun 08 2021
"This YA book is okay. It wreches open your senses to observe your backdrop. But em, skip the lecture, Isabella's kinda boring and hard to relate to. So do you read it or not? My answer will be really simple: Yeah sure. I'm just scrolling through ..." Permalink
Ebstar made a comment Jun 03 2021
"I don't like it, it's kinda sus. WHY, why, why, is my supposed to be favorite series so glitter-and-unicorn addicted? I'm a girl but I think unicorns are for three year olds or newborns. Ugh But after all this review IS getting read by three-year..." Permalink
Ebstar made a comment May 27 2021
"Gamer tip: Eat beef; most beneficial. It's BETTER COOKED Gamer tip: Chicken lay eggs every five minuets Gamer Tip: Farm wheat first, then move on to everything else-- get the seeds from grass and leafs. Easy peasy lemon squeezey Good book whatever" Permalink
Ebstar made a comment May 25 2021
"Bye bye This book sucks But I still have to write something like eight novel responses on it. My teacher's making my class do it. Too bad" Permalink
Ebstar liked a list May 18 2021
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