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Oct 28, 2018Hillsboro_StephanieC rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
If you think this book is about Andy and not her mother Laura, you're missing the boat. If PIECES OF HER were about Andy, we'd all be disappointed: she's one of the most forgettable, pathetic characters Slaughter has ever given us. But Andy's not really the main character -- she's just a plot device used to help illuminate the complex and twisted backstory of her mother's life, and move a story decades in the making to its clever conclusion. While I wish every new Karin Slaughter book featured Will Trent, I haven't enjoyed Slaughter's standalones as much because they have mostly been *very* dark and *very* twisted. The feel of PIECES OF HER felt like the familiar story I want from Slaughter, where the past always haunts you and the consequences of your mistakes take a long time to play out.